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Termination of Bizztax Offline Version akin to End of Support of Microsoft IE

Since 2019, iBiZZCLOUD SDN BHD has been committed to promoting the transformation of offline users into the cloud iBiZZtax Cloud. In addition to being a cloud tax software that can be used by any browser, it also solves the complicated stand-alone software installation, update, upgrade, and the need to lock and bundle Microsoft IE in the past.

Via Cloud Technology, users of iBiZZtax Cloud can log in AnyTime, AnyWhere using AnyDevice to do work. Best of all, the software usage is Free.

After a year of hard work, more than 62% of offline users (BiZZTAX) have now transformed into cloud users. Our company has also officially announced on July 30, 2020 that it will completely terminate our offline version on December 31, 2020 including support of tax software. We will fully concentrate on research & development of the cloud market.

Our company is moving forward in technological advancement akin to software giants like Microsoft, which announced the ending of support to the older IE (Internet Explorer) Browser in August 2020.

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