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Our Introduction

Company Background

iBiZZCLOUD SDN BHD is a digital technology company focused on Cloudtax Solution development for the Professional Industry, primarily Tax Agents and Tax Consultants. The company received recognition as a Malaysia Digital (MD) Status company on 8 April 2024, signifying its commitment to easing the complexities of taxation procedures and instant e-filing processes. Being the one and only cloud system provider endorsed by Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia, iBiZZCLOUD has assisted over 830 tax professionals in digitizing their tax business since the launch of the cloud system.

This platform streamlines taxation processes, enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and cuts operational expenses. Tax professionals can access client data remotely via any internet-enabled device, enabling prompt advisory services. Cloudtax addresses common pain points of tax professionals using Excel, which struggles with rapid tax compliance changes. Unlike Excel, Cloudtax features built-in formulas for accuracy and consistency. Tax return filing takes only 3 seconds through Web-API integration with the government portal, minimizing processing time and eliminating redundant data entry. Additionally, accelerated national tax collection would be welcomed by the government.

With the significant value creation prompting tax professionals to embrace digital transformation, iBiZZCLOUD SDN BHD was selected as the Technology Solution Provider by MDEC since 2020, offering additional assistance to tax professionals in their digital adoption journey through grant application support.

Besides Malaysia, the company has a presence in Indonesia and is rapidly expanding its business to Southeast Asia.

Our Vision
To build a Digital Tax Economy Ecosystem for the 15 member countries of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).
Our Mission
To continuously explore the field of AI Technology in Tax Solution industry towards providing simplified process of Tax System.

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Our Corporate Objectives
  • To become a key player in the world of Tax Software Industry;
  • To become Malaysia’s one and only listed company formed and founded by professionals;
  • To propel the organization forward by developing highly trained and professional employees through various programs;
  • To maintain the highest standard of integrity and ethical values incorporating the element of best practice in all its endeavours;
  • To contribute to education by providing our software as learning tool in the universities as part of their syllabus.


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