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MDEC DEX Connex 2024: Enhancing Indonesia’s Tax Reporting Preparation

iBiZZCLOUD and PT. Andalan Software Indonesia jointly signed an MOU on May 8, 2024, marking the first memorandum signing ceremony witnessed by official representatives from Malaysia and Indonesia since the software was launched in January 2024. The event was hosted in Jakarta as part of MDEC DEX Connex 2024, with invitations extended by Malaysia’s MDEC to participate in facilitated collaboration between multiple technology companies from both countries. The memorandum signing ceremony was witnessed by Mr. Gopi Ganesalingam, Senior Vice President, Head of Digital Export of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). 
A project worth USD 1,044,500 will be implemented and committed to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of Indonesia’s tax reporting preparation through Andalan Indonesia. This bespoke Cloud Tax Solution is tailored for Indonesian Tax Consultants and SMEs, ensuring compliance with the latest Indonesian tax regulations. This initiative aims to facilitate the Indonesian government in swiftly obtaining accurate tax revenue, thus benefiting the nation’s development.

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