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As confirmed and declared, the support of Microsoft Operating System has been officially ceased for Windows 7 effective from 14th January 2020. In IT term, this is an “EOL” or End of Life Event for Window 7, and this is happening now and will happen again in future if we continue to rely on the Operating System. We may one day be stopped completely if Operating System no longer supports at all. This will have a negative impact on your business if no pre-plan action is taken on this issue.

That is why, some of the industries’ leader in their own respective field with the foresight on what has happened as mentioned in the above paragraph has developed their Desktop Version to the current cloud-based as below:-

Desktop Version
Microsoft Office
Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
Quickbook Desktop
Bizztax Offline
Cloud Version
Microsoft Office 365
Adobe Photoshop CC & Adobe Illustrator CC
Intuite Quickbook Online
iBiZZtax Cloud

and more…

Even LHDNM has developed over a period of time towards Cloud Computing. Besides the current e-filing, it has now moves on to another new e-filing method known as the “e-Dts“ which allows direct integration to the LHDNM’s portal via Web-API.

This is definitely the ongoing trend for the very near future, and we are pleased that we did foresee the issue too in 2016, and we have developed our “iBiZZtax Cloud” which is readily available to serve you and your Company’s need.

With Cloud Computing, we are free from exposing to high risk of becoming a victim of hackers and perform with ease. It will also definitely be more cost saving, at least not having to upgrade to newer version of Operating System or changing a new computer.

Lastly, as what we foresee when we developed our iBiZZtax Cloud in 2016, the Cloud Computing which was the trend for the future back then, is taking place now.

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