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LHDNM Endorsement on Integration of e-Dts by iBiZZtax Cloud

With the start of yet another brand new year 2020, we are pleased to announce of the official endorsement extended to us by LHDNM on our Specific Integration Compliance to the new e-Dts 2019 for Form C 2019 data submission.

Under this new method, the whole process is shortened at a relative ease when performing submission for Form C 2019. Instead of having to fill individually page by page, it is now completed with just one click of the button whereby all required e-data will be uploaded to the LHDNM’s e-filing TAeF portal. In short, with this new e-Dts, it will enable to skip the entire Form C page by page filing steps which is currently being performed. We will prepare a series of e-tutorial on our website to guide on the usage of e-Dts soon.

With the proven capability derived from previous experience on the collaboration in developing the online e-filing submission between us and LHDNM since 2010, we were once again invited to develop this new requirement by them. We are humble to share that with the support and assistance given by LHDNM along our development on e-Dts, we undertake this collaboration at our own expenses for the benefit of all our users in mind.

Today, our iBiZZtax Cloud is not solely just as a replacement of our Bizztax offline version. It is equipped with all the I.T related readiness which we foresee LHDNM will continue to explore in years to come. This e-Dts is the first of many to come, and we will also look into as well for the upcoming MITRS once it is being implemented.

Please note that despite our investment in effort, time and cost, we are modelling iBiZZtax Cloud as a F.O.C software without any software implementation and maintenance cost, no additional hardware upgrading cost as well and no additional price increment to enjoy all the extra new features currently available. We pledge that our charges of just RM 12.00/data transfer will stay for a long period to come.

In short, iBiZZtax Cloud will be the most cost-effective and safest tax solution for your operation in long run.


Refer link from LHDNM website: www.hasil.gov.my

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