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With the conclusion of the recent peak period, iBiZZ is very glad that we managed to help many tax practitioners overcome this stressful time of the year. 

While bracing through the hardships of contacting customers, last minute changes, and countless late nighters, we are honoured that our customers choose us as their preferred Tax Software. This is how we helped them save time and avoid costly mistakes when they have switched from using a traditional Excel method to using iBiZZtax Cloud.

Below are the most common concern of Excel that can be overcome with iBiZZtax:

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iBiZZtax Cloud’s major Functions:

  • Automation:
    iBiZZtax Cloud is an automated Cloud-based Tax Software. It has Built-in Formula and Auto-updates the software to the latest Tax Compliance every year. Our Automation solves the problems of human error and tampering; It also ensures that all tax reports are ACCURATE
  • Digitization:
    iBiZZtax Cloud’s [1 Click Data Transfer] function allows users to complete e-Filing of the customer’s tax information directly to LHDNM in just 3 Seconds. You no longer need to spend a lot of time and manpower to manually fill up the forms on the LHDNM website. This is the beauty of Digitization.

In 2019, we passed a series of rigorous tests by LHDNM for this feature and were awarded the ONLY Endorsement in Malaysia, which is published on the LHDNM website.

Recently LHDNM and MDEC has been actively advocating digital transformation. Since 2019, iBiZZCLOUD SDN BHD has successfully assisted more than 600 Tax Firms to embrace digitization and become a 🌏💻 Digital Tax Firm 💻🌏.

iBiZZtax makes the processing of Tax Return Convenient, Fast, Efficient and Cost Friendly! 
📌 Access iBiZZtax at ⌚ Anytime
📌 Access iBiZZtax from 🗺️ Anywhere
📌 Access iBiZZtax by using any 📱 Internet Connected Devices
📌 Pay Per Use 💳 Subscription Model, no more paying High Upfront & Yearly Maintenance Fee.

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Sign-up Now! To enjoy the “pay RM5,000 get RM10,000” package provided by the government!

In addition, we are also giving away an additional eLanding Page advertising kit worth RM1,000 to the First 30 New users who successfully sign-up for the package!

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iBiZZtax’s Features:
✅ Low Subscripton fee suits for all sizes of firms
✅ Unlimited clients’ records and users’ access
✅ Auto and central update on tax compliance
✅ Automated backup
✅ In-built arithmetic functions, safe from being accidentally modified by users
✅ Effortless eFiling with touch of a single button
✅ Timeless and transferable credits
✅ High Level Security Data Protection by Azure

iBiZZtax’s Function:
Tax Module: Company, Personal, Partnership, LLP, Form E & EA
👍🏼 Auto data synchronization and generation of Tax Review Form, Tax Computation & Worksheets Report
👍🏼 In-built control for the unabsorbed business tax losses to be carried forward consecutively for 10 years
👍🏼 Retention of Records can be kept at least 7 years and above
👍🏼 Automated computing & calculations of schedules
👍🏼 Administrative Reports on clients’ tax position to enable tax planning purpose
👍🏼 Allow importing of FA, HP, CA and Notes to account from Excel format

And many more…

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