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How to do e-E by using iBiZZTAX

All employers (Sdn Bhd, berhad, sole proprietor, partnership) are required to submit the Employer Return Form (also known as Borang E / Form E) via e-Filing for the Year of Remuneration 2023 in accordance with subsection 83 (1B) of the Income Tax Act (ITA) 1967 on and before April 30, 2024 (e-filing).
All employers are reminded to prepare and provide the Yearly Remuneration Statement (EA and EC Forms) to all employees by February 28, 2024 to allow them to complete and submit their Income Tax Return Forms within the stipulated timeframe.

Comparison between Preparation of Form E by iBiZZTAX and LHDNM MyTax

How to do with iBiZZTAX?

Log on to:  https://www.ibizz.my/


Log on to https://www.ibizz.my and access your user panel.

Step 1

Click on the menu and select ‘Form E’.


Step 2

Data Entry:
Input your employers’ details and select ‘VIA E-DATA PRAISI/E-CP8D’ in the Return of CP8D section.


Step 3

Select ‘Form E / Report’ to generate Form E, EA, CP8D and CP8D Listing.


Step 4

Performing Form E data transfer to the LHDNM portal until the e-Filing process is completed in just 3 seconds.


Step 5

1. Locate the TXT file (CP8D) downloaded from iBiZZ on your computer.

2. Go to MyTax and select ‘e-Data Praisi / e-CP8D’ to upload the TXT file (CP8D) from your computer.


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Manual Key-in with MyTax 2.0

(Form E Preparation without iBiZZTAX)

Step 1

Please use your personal income tax e-filing ID to log in. Enter your NRIC or Passport number along with the password.

Step 2

Go to ‘Perkhidmatan ezHasil’, then select ‘e-Filing’

Step 3

Select ‘e-Borang’

Step 4

Scroll down to select ‘e-E’ and the respective ‘Year of Assessment’.

Step 5

Key-in your Company E Number (Nombor Majikan)

*Every company should have two numbers: the ‘C’ number, which is the corporate tax reporting number handled by your company tax agent for reporting company tax, and the ‘E’ number, which is the employer number. The ‘E’ number is commonly used for monthly staff payroll deductions, such as MTD (PCB), filing the E Form, and issuing the EA form to employees, including directors.

Step 6

e-E Page:
Key-in your company particulars, such as address, SSM registration number, email, phone number, etc.

*Kategori Majikan (Employer Category):

  1. ‘Swasta – Syarikat’
    Such as SDN. BHD.
  2. ‘Swasta – Selain Syarikat’
    Such as Sole Proprietor, Partnership or LLP.

Step 7

‘Submit C.P.8D through Online Form’ or ‘Upload C.P.8D’ 

‘Upload CP8D form to thru e-C.P.8D’ 

By using iBiZZTAX to download the TXT file and upload it to e-C.P.8D in MyTax 2.0

Step 8

CP8D form: 
Now, you may manually enter payroll information for every staff (including directors), such as name, tax number, NRIC, or passport number.

Step 9

Confirm and Submit your e-E Form.

Step 10

Please remember to print the acknowledgement slip from LHDNM to confirm acceptance of your submission.

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