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FAM & Associates Consulting Sdn Bhd

FAM & Associates Consulting Sdn Bhd is established to provide a truly and committed independent professional secretarial and secretarial related services to the business community in Malaysia, including foreign investors in the country.

An important factor for the establishment of FAM & Associates Consulting Sdn Bhd is to create local Malaysian consultants whose professionalism, qualifications and experience rate highly for the local business community.

As part of these activities, FAM & Associates Consulting Sdn Bhd management and consultants have provided efficient and strategic support and services to a number of corporate clients in overseas as well as in Malaysia ranging from small to medium size.

In order to provide a one-stop professional centre to the business community, FAM & Associates Consulting Sdn Bhd is affiliated to the following service providers :-

  1. FCA Business Advisory Sdn Bhd
  2. FCA Taxation Services Sdn Bhd
  3. FCA Business Advisory Limited (Labuan Company)
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