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Company Tax YA 2021 is now updated in iBiZZtax Cloud

Dear users,


We are pleased to inform that Company Tax YA 2021 is now being updated to our solution including the e-Dts and e-tax filing.

Below are the updated new fields for your attention and some control has been added to help users along with the data input. However, users must need to understand and know the new law that is implemented by IRBM (LHDNM).

1.1) Incorporated in Malaysia – will be tax at 24% if not apply (IRB server applied the same control)

1.2) Company listed on Bursa Malaysia – tax rate 24% when apply

1.3) Government Link Company (GLC)

1.4) Winding up status – added auto generated : disediakan berdasarkan akaun berkenaan penerimaan dan
       pembayaran penyelesai

2.1) Has subsidiary companies or associated company in the Federal Territory of Labuan – apply to activate Labuan
       Entities data input

2.2) Subject to Income Tax (Country -by Country Reporting) Rules 2016 – apply to activate CbCR data input

2.3) Subject as a reporting (entity / non-entity reporting) – apply button for Entity Reporting/un-apply for Non-
       Entity Reporting

3. Claim Sec 6D rebate:

a) Built-in control on Commencement date (between 2020/07/01 – 2021/12/31)

b) Built-in control to restrict the total rebate up to RM20,000.


System has updated the changes:
16 August 2021



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