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Preliminary Consensus for iBiZZ‘s Cloudtax Cambodia

We are honoured to be introduced to Mr. J.J Ng – Vice President of Alpha Group from Cambodia by GUOANN.com. He was invited by GUOANN.com to our office to discuss about the upcoming New Digital Tax Infrastructure in Cambodia. After meeting Mr J.J Ng, we had the honour to have luncheon with Oknha Ly Khun Thai who is the economic advisor to the Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen. During this lunch, we presented our plans regarding the New Digital Tax Infrastructure and discussed about how we can work together to achieve this goal, both parties have agreed to a cooperation plan and reached a preliminary consensus.

(From Left) Serene A.L. See, Oknha Ly Kun Thai, Sam H.C. Lim

During the discussion, we illustrated our company’s success in the past 2 years, especially in the way we handled our business during the pandemic. Even with the lockdowns and MCO, tax professionals were still able to use iBiZZ’s Cloudtax software (iBiZZtax.com), this helped them overcome their hurdle to work from home and we successfully assisted 600+ tax firms in Malaysia to transform into a digital tax firm in a short period of time.

Furthermore, our track record includes the successful implementation of iBiZZ’s Cloudtax in Indonesia (Andalan iBiZZ). Hence, we are confident that iBiZZ can replicate our success and assist the tax profession in Cambodia to achieve digital transformation faster!

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