Tax professionals, still relying on Excel for tax preparation in 2024? It seems you might be lagging behind the digital trend. The industry and government are both moving towards digitization. When will you join the digital revolution?

It’s probable that you’ve been receiving emails from LHDNM since August last year, urging everyone toward digitalization and advocating the utilization of the e-DTS eFiling feature.

There is a Tax Solution that your peers always mention one and only in the market:

🚀 Exclusive and e-Dts C ready;
🚀 Cloud Computing, and
🚀 Endorsed by LHDNM.

Proudly introducing, the iBiZZtax.

Using iBiZZtax for tax preparation can help you:

🚄 Expedite work from days to just a few hours;
🚄 Slash eFiling time from hours to just 3 seconds, thanks to e-Dts C!

Don’t miss the chance to adopt digital transformation with iBiZZtax!

Register for our eDemo now to witness the latest technology and gain practical knowledge.

LHDNM Endorsement:

We are THE ONLY Tax Software Company that is endorsed by LHDNM.
( https://www.hasil.gov.my/en/quick-links/services/e-dts-c/ )


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